Tremiti, the statue of St. Pio submerged

The submerged statue of St. Pio is located between the San Nicola island and the Cretaccio rock. It's closer to the Cretaccio in a very quite and clean zone mostly flat.

It is 13 m deep and has been cleansed by scorching and algae in 2016 to give it splendor back.

Thousands of tourists visit this place each year, immersing themselves in the water to admire the statue and the colorful fauna that live in this sea, with many small fish swimming around them, almost as if they wanted to be part of the most beloved Pugliese saint!

The statue is really impressive and striking: about 3 meters high, for a weight of 12.25 quintals of bronze, plus 110 basement. With open arms, and looking up to the sky, it invite swimmers to reach it for a greeting.

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