There are numerous sea caves that follow along the perimeter of the island at sea level and emerging.

Boat excursions around the four islands, is recommended in morning hours for a matter of brightness and a chromatic effect.

The Elephant Rock that remembers a pachiderma while drinking is very impressive, because of its real resemblance to the elephant, visible during the visit of the Archipelago.

Within the caves that follow along the coast, the water appears turquoise, cobalt, greenish, sapphire, emerald green, but the point of greater transparency is where the statue submerged by San Pio From Pietralcina laid on the bottom of the sea.

The lively contrast between lights and shadows amplifies the variety of uncontaminated surroundings, which, combined with the pleasant climate, give life to special emotions.

caves at the tremiti

The caves have various and imaginative toponyms, such as the Cave of the Violets. Myriad of fishes with varied forms and colors, molluscs, sunlit algae, produce marvelous colors, alive and shining like a palette of a painter. It is 30 meters long and 5/6 wide for 8 meters deep.

On the slope of the rocks you can admire flowers, especially the violas (in the spring), which would inspire the name.

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